Freedom of Mind



I wrote this back in 1981 because I was so tired of being told what I must think, how I must act, and be 'normal' in our brain dead society or else I would never be accepted.

There's people all around

who say they are free.

I look in their eyes

and know this can't be.


For freedom is a state of mind

to think what you will.

to roam the vast reaches

to wonder and to mill.


Most people aren't free in mind

It's the way they were taught.

To think what you are told

and to never question ought.


If you are free in mind

you will likely be shunned.

Because you question society

and all that they have done.


I'm free in my mind

and always will be.

For no one on earth

can take that from me.


They can lock me away

and torment my flesh.

But my freedom is safe

in my mind it will rest.


Copyright © J.W. Murphy 1981
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