In 3 years such beauty



25/1/2000 For my son, Elijah, though I did not know it

I held the child in my arms

and it clung to me.

Responsibility wrapped itself


around my neck

in the form of a toddler's tiny arms.

To me it felt like a sweet embrace

not a slaver's yoke.

Puffer fish cheeks rouged

by youth and health

framed wide, bright and beautiful baby blues.


Big eyes shine with the smile of the innocents

as laughter falls like rain drops on a tin roof

in late Spring.


Bachelor's heart bursting with joy

taken in this precious little life.

Bury my face into the cheek of the child

and smother it with kisses.


Inhale that wholesome clean smell.

Breathe deep, breathe deep.


These are the crystal moments,

remember them well.


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