Anti fracking poem



anti-fracking poem performed live in Robin Hoods Bay.

Fuckity Fuckity Fuckity Fuck

Sold out by the council

To make a quick buck

Fuckity Fuckity Fuckity Fuck

The North Yorkshire Councillors

Really do suck!

Frackity Frackity Frackity Frack

Once you’ve ruined the water

You can’t put it back


Yorkshire Conservatives

Take Third Energies shilling

Selling out all the people

Who are against all the drilling


Poison the aquifer, poison the land

All for the sake of a few hundred grand


Bugger the farmers the sheep and the ewes

Bugger the tourist whose here for the views

Conservative councillors in the Government’s pay

They’ll end up with knighthoods for the votes cast today

Dancing like puppets to Cameron’s jigs

Now he’s screwed everyone one of us

and not just dead pigs


sod conservation and all public wishes

flames up your plug hole when you’re doing the dishes

when everything falls down a bloody great crack

They’ll be sorry they gave permission to frack

Frackity Frackit Frackitty Frack

Once you’ve extracted the shale gas

You can’t put it back


Frackety Frackity Frackity Frick

It’s not just the water that’s making us sick

Who’ll explain to the children

Why the fish are all dead

Who’ll explain to the drinkers

Why the waters all red

Who’ll explain to the tourists

Who’ll all turn away

Why North Yorkshire council

Voted that way


Westminster coffers fill up with gold

Buts it’s our children’s birthright they just bought and sold

Frackity Frackity Frackity Frack

Once you’ve fucked up the country you can’t put it back!

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