The happiness of the sunrise welcome



All my demons are here,congratulations my love.I dare you to an unique smellof all my weakness.Don't forget the restrictionof hopethe misadventure of the sunwarms my hateful soulmy rage of happinessinside your headuntil the sunsetof your cuntSlick th...

All my demons are here,
congratulations my love.
I dare you to an unique smell
of all my weakness.
Don't forget the restriction
of hope
the misadventure of the sun
warms my hateful soul
my rage of happiness
inside your head
until the sunset
of your cunt
Slick the faith
with lipstick
and run away to my rainbow
around the bed
around my chest
inside my dearest nightmare
if you walk away
in the morning
This loneliness
is the perfect stage
to prevent my suicide
spank your careless tongue
Oh my dearest Lara
bite me all night
and after the sunrise.

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