I wrote this as i was healing after my second miscarriage

yea I've cried
yea I've lost
yea I prayed
yea I fought
but my lost was turned to gain
standing now in your blessings reign
the outcome I sought
wasn't mines to have
but I cry no more
realizing I'm in your plans I'm in your hands
you're all I desire
I put you first and there is no higher
my first love my only need
take my breath let your spirit breathe
you've healed my broken heart
ignited a fire from a spark
my eye forever on you
never leave me
hold my hand stay with me
I am nothing
no thing
without u
I'm waste
scattered throughout eternity no end
I am empty
with you I have all things
constant satisfaction
salvation wholly
owned by you
willingly locked up
I've thrown to you the keys
desiring to be your prisoner
rule me govern me direct me control me
I walked with you and you with me
you inspire my thoughts with every breath I breathe
all is yours
still I seek the view from your eyes
it's my will to do your will with my life
yea I've lived
yea I've laughed
yea I've loved with all I have
yea I give
yea I take
yea I'm loved
yea I'm happy

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