THE REST IN PEACE Elegy For Nelson Mandela




Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013
Now we can savor the destiny
of his overwhelmed denouncers
seething into oblivion on the wrong side of history
and imagine how quietly that last breath came & went
from this beloved life to be remembered so well
& far beyond our own. . .
A struggle more hard-won
by a leader less flawed
ends closer to political sainthood
than any of our day or age
And how good for the wholeness of the world
to take this measure of human racial pride
in the sly charisma of his humor & humility
offering a wake-up call to our own
that such ambitious depth,
such cordial gravitas of character 
should come to power
held like a firm handshake
with personal force enough to reshape 
a nation's nature
introduce its Better Angels to the future
and then let go
so vividly uncorrupted.
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