Social Anxiety and I, Go Hand in Hand, As if we were, Bestfriends


Social anxiety and I,
Go hand in hand,
As if it was my best friend...

For you,
Going up to a stranger,
Asking for some directions,
Isn't a big deal,
But I would rather get lost,
Swerve off the road
And roll down a big hill,
Before I asked a stranger for help...

Before going up to a teller of any kind,
I go over to the side,
To go over my lines,
As if I was in a play,
With a script telling me exactly
What to say...

I rehearse them,
And rehearse them,
Until I think I got them down,
Then I walk up to the teller,
I got cotton mouth,
Sweat drips from the brow,
I forgot my lines,
The teller smiles and asks
"How can I help you today?"
I freeze up...

.... Only to have a meltdown,
Stumbling over my words,
Mixing nouns with verbs,
And verbs with adjectives,
I don't make any sense at all,
I don't wanna waste her time,
So I say "Sorry, I'm fine",
Walking out the store,
Just happy,
I to be alive...


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