A Bunch of Chaos



About the continuous and complex interplay between the real and the virtual in our digital age

Chaos 1:

When the gloomy sunlight

Falls upon the broken shadows

My heart unleashes its madness

And I become a prayer

Lying flat like an open highway...


Chaos 2:

I've known what this huge outcry means to the crowd

'Coz it rapes a thousand miles of silence

'Coz it plagiarizes a rendezvous of doubts

'Coz it merges with U and it merges with me

In this virtual world of broken agony

U become a link yourself to Big Data

To link with a thousand links


Chaos 3:

The smoke rings that smell like sounds

The quantums of my thoughts that break like thunderstorms

With dewdrops of silence that unbreak U of my heart

Memory becomes revealing with mighty shrieks


Chaos 4:

Laughter that cries out pain

Let's speak words that unspeak them not

These wasted hours drop down through my fingers like sandstones

That drop and gather and mock me like an affidavit

Quite like the varnished wood of my sofa

I look new

Yet I sob aloud and I sob aloud...



Endless hopes of sordid rain

Infinite lines of resurrection

Why should you think o wild heart

Mixture of dry water in spices is a gamble?





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