All These Things



Because we may not be each other's first kisses, but how wonderful it is that we will be each other's last...



I can't be the sun shining bright in the sky,

The moonbeams above or the stars twinkling high.

I can't be the magic in butterfly wings,

Or the pleasing sound when the Early Bird sings.

I can't be the Beauty of a crisp, blue-sky day,

The raindrops on leaves that shimmer away.

I can't be nostalgia; your first loves and first kisses,

Or the waves leading you to a sea full of wishes.


What can I offer the love of my life?

Can I promise a future without any strife?

Will I battle your demons and make you anew?

My love, I will try, but I can promise you...


I can be the spark that lights the fire within you

To be courageous and bold and brave and the real you.

I can be the peace and the warmth in your heart,

The place where you end and the place where you start.

I can be your last thought at night and the smile that wakes you,

The strength in your soul that makes you feel brand new.

I can be the reason you glow, the twinkle in your eye,

Because, the truth is, my Love, you're all these things of mine.

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