9/9/16 A dark piece, an expulsion from the dark recesses of the soul, looking for escape.

Save me,

save me from me.


Save me from my self-destruction,

from my introspection,

from my rawness.

Save me from my thoughts

of you, of me.

Save me from life

and exhaustion,

save me from sunlight

and cold.

Save me from exposure,

save me from openness

and misunderstanding

and conflict.


Save me,

save me from me. 


Save me from desire

and lack of it.

Save me from every day

and cruelty.

Save me from my evil

save me from the evil I would do to others.

Save me from the daily news,

from politicians,

from medicine and doctors

and bureaucracy.

Save me from my caring nature

and the need to care.


Save me,

save me from me.



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