The tiny garden people



A poem about the magic of fairies and elves.



As the twilight bounced across the winding path

The tiny garden people magically appeared

Like emblazoned embers, orange sparks on the hearth

Shining bright in the moon's light no longer feared


One by one fairies cautiously revealed themselves

From behind stones, creviced tree trunks, fallen leaves

Giggling and flirting excitement spilling over to see the elves

Semi-clad, felted hats, sparkly wings, hiding like thieves


Looking in wonder at the fauna and floral blooms

Irises, snapdragons, daisies and clover

The hues and scents, abundant colour above them looms

The white fluff snow of the delicate tiny poplar


As their united confidence grew and grew 

They danced and sang in mischief amidst nature’s place

Together playfully giggling the whole night through

Life to be lived, nimbly moving at a race’s pace


Big lashed eyes open wide, blush cheeks, rose bud lips

Slender fingers and slippered skipping feet

Silk handkerchief skirts on tiny swinging hips

Spotted mushrooms, stony rocks, offered them a resting seat


Collecting buds and berries and candy blossom pink

Whispering to each other fun innocent words to hear

Hand in hand, fingers entwined, a chained fairy link

The boy imps keep guard, their ears pricked in fear


Seeds and nuts, silver birch twigs, signs of spring

Pine trees and running squirrels high in the boughs

The cool breeze of a swan’s white angel wing

Bugles played, trumpeting sounds, where art thous


As the light faded and the moon from behind clouds came out

Shadows lengthened, ribbons of grass, distorting nature’s shapes

As they collected star-like treasures from there, all about

Leaving perfumed air trails, vanilla and spice, from silky soft napes


They chase and skip, playing wondrous childish games

Tricks, jokes, teasing and magic in such abundance

The colours around them bright, fleeting flames

And under fairy dust found even a rusted silver sixpence


Before they know it the sun it seems is fast rising

Bringing with it the unwelcome dread of a brand new day

So it’s time to stop their hidden, secret prising

Waving fond farewells they one by one disappeared away


The gold coin high in the bluest azure sky

Nestling under flowers fairies ran to hide their ne’er kissed faces

The elves waiting in secret to hide before time’s high and dry

Big wide eyes, the tears streaming down cheeks, sad traces


Rushed kisses, calls of see you tomorrow, a promise

Run now, be safe, quickly before you’re seen

Waves and hugs already they each other miss

But the time had by them, the most magical it has been



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