In the middle of an abusive relationship my poetry was my refuge, my protection my path to hope

The darkness in my heart

Divides me from the true light inside.

There is safety and solace in the dark

I am too afraid to face the truth in the light.


Yet the longer I dwell in the shadows

The less capable I am of breaking free.

The shadows distort the passing of time

And I grow weaker, moment by moment…..


Courage fails me and despair fills me

Fear is no longer an enemy but my only friend.

Ignorance is my shelter from reality

Denial is the only food for thought I eat.


Yet with each passing second the light haunts me

It flickers incessantly catching my eye.

It is cold in the dark, my body yearns for warmth

It is silent in the dark, my voice longs to be heard.


I seem invisible to all around me

Afraid to speak for fear no one will hear

Afraid to step into the light should no one notice

Yet the light still beckons & is irresistible.


I grow stronger as I turn to the light

Warmth restores my faith in myself and others.

Fear is replaced by hope

Denial is no longer enough to satisfy my hunger.


Out of the darkness my own light radiates

                           illuminating my soul

                                            and setting me free




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