Time and Space



I lip synced love along our mutual melody,life is good,but mortality moves me.I dance for the danger,but you don’t play that way.God, you’re so secure,not quite the daring darling I am.So ambitious to build,but destined to destroy.Helples...

I lip synced love along our mutual melody,
life is good,
but mortality moves me.
I dance for the danger,
but you don’t play that way.
God, you’re so secure,
not quite the daring darling I am.
So ambitious to build,
but destined to destroy.
Helpless to the heaven,
pulling the wings from our butterfly,
burning our love under a sunny day,
and a looking glass.
I am a wormhole of wasted time,
but you still explore,
when I trip you on the laces you wish were velcro,
and you topple through the walls,
constructed to keep out conquerors like me.
If I could be something else,
believe me,
we would play make believe,
but I’ve been running,
smart enough to invest in velcro,
and I can’t catch up
to the me who is already running from you.

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