working to become



i am herwhomever iwant to be behindthe screenthe keys buildingme up buttercupmy personashe's strong andconfident and poisedin a word, awesomei aspire to herone of these daysi will be heruntil thenuntil who i amcoincides with hergreatnessour faces wil...

i am her
whomever i
want to be behind
the screen
the keys building
me up buttercup
my persona
she's strong and
confident and poised
in a word, awesome
i aspire to her
one of these days
i will be her
until then
until who i am
coincides with her
our faces will mirror
behind and in front
of this window
drifting closer
word by word
pixel by
tiny pixel
until i am whole


Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
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