I Watched From Afar



bullying/ human tragedy

I watched from afar

As they maltreated you

Persecution without cause

Their idea of entertainment

I watched you suffer

And how you suffered

Daily and persistent

Yet you never uttered a peep

Deathly silent

In fact, your silence was most disturbing

Even more so than the immoral deeds of your perpetrators

And that thin smile ...

So strange and unsettling

That smile of yours curdled my blood

Sent shivers down my spine

Because I knew

I just knew

Something bad was going to transpire

And one day, one fine sun-kissed day

You took your final beating

They punched and kicked you

Called you all kinds of names

And you took your punishment in silence

That smile for all to see

When that final kick hit you, a loud cheer erupted

The crowd soon scattered


Leaving you lying there

Reminiscent of a road kill

And for a moment our eyes met

Your eyes ... I will never forget

God, how I will never forget!

Your eyes belonged to another

They smiled at me

I wanted to reach to you

To help you up

But your head shook ever so slightly

And you whispered ...


You rose, bloody and battered

That thin smile

And you opened your rucksack

Revealing its contents

Then I understood your intentions

As you calmly walked into the school

Wearing that thin smile

Retribution on your mind ...

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