I am weak this week



8/3/2017 A prose collection

I feel like a toddler,

arms out in front of me,

palms up,

elbows slightly bent,

mouth wide open...

Innocent hope painting my face.

Throw yourself to me

so that I may catch you.


Here I lay,

on my bed,

throughout the day.

This day, yesterday,

the day before...

My time of living

spent in a stasis of exhaustion,

a feeble wreck of me

somehow stretched

over the course of a week.

Stretched thin like pizza dough,

or mozzarella...

or road kill.


My body aches for vitality

as my four year old

literally walks all over me.

These small pains of his footsteps on my body

usually ignored

from my high up vantage point of magnanimity 

or even welcomed as proof of love

today have me squirming 

like a salted snail.

Please stop?


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