Peaceful Storm Within !



The poem is a satire on contemporary Indian and world reality


Peaceful storm within

Hush,hush,hush !

Peaceful storm within the doors

Locked and knocked and closed

By an invalid apparition of faith

Colorblind yet red

Like bedsheets in display with honour-stains


The doors of time

And feel

The peaceful storm within.


Iago is awake...

Smiles and threats

Blinks and beats

Oh Lucifer !

Let God be free

From the grasp of sceptics and politicians

And let Faustus live

Let Miltons but blind

Cry in the prisons of law

Psalms and heroic couplets In un-free verse


The Tree of Knowledge

Leave it forbidden !

You talk of evidence?


Evidence we don't need

Truth we don't see

But from one dimension

The closer we move

The more we move away

Let us have sweet Hamlock

Let us burn in an icy fire and redeem...


Be silent and watch

The Prince in his progress

With a peaceful storm within?


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