Friends and voices



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11/9/16 A poetry set, about friendship, similarities between people, and ways of expressing vocally

A comrade in arms;

I have your back,

you have mine.

Friends made 

alike and not.

She who has none,

and he who chooses few.

This is the way of it.









Flotsam and jetsam 

of life,

You and I.

A matching pair.




My heart wants to sing.

In my head I am a soprano,

like a ten year old boy,

my voice is crystal.

My voice is beauty,

defined by itself,

and the sweetness of life.


My heart wants to sing.

A deep baritone,

solemn and sage.

Notes deep enough to 

feel vibrations in the toes.

My voice is sadness

and loss and love of...


My heart wants to sing.

A short sharp yapping rap.

Punchy rhymes

chock full of attitude,

aggression, anger, angst.

My voice is pleading,

my tone hungry for...


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