Roam Roar Lion



The Story Of The Roaming Roaring Lion

There was a Lion who was a King, he roared everyday.The Lion's roar was beautiful, powerful, clearly an astonishing God given gift. The Lion ruled in West Africa.

A devil came and captured The Lion. The devil sat the Lion in a small cage. The Lion tried to roam freely in the cage but he could only take a step here and there.


The Lion roared from inside the cage. The devil struck the Lion.

" Lion you shall not roar ".

The Lion roared again, louder, like the sound of 1000 roaring oceans and waterfalls. The devil struck the Lion with the fury of 10,000 burning suns.

" Lion you shall not roar ".

The Lion did not roar again.The Lion took steps here and there in his tiny cage, but he eventually stopped because there was no room.

The Lion no longer roared and The Lion no longer walked freely. The Lion was completely oppressed and trapped.


The devil spoke to The Lion.

" You are not a Lion, you are not a King, you are a rat "

Everyday the devil spoke to the Lion.

" You are not a Lion, you are not a King, you are a rat "


The Lion began to hate himself and would cut himself with his claws. " I am a rat, I am a dirty rat "

The devil spoke to the Lion.

" Your black face is an abomination "

" Your black face is an abomination "

The Lion hated himself and cut himself with his claws.

" I am a rat, a dirty rat, my Black face is an abomination "


Four days went by.

The devil spoke the same thing of The Lion everyday, and The Lion repeated it everyday.

At the end of the fourth day, an angel and slayed the devil. The angel walked to the cage and broke it open. The Lion was freed!!!

The angel spoke to the Lion.

" Lion!! Let out a beautiful roar!! Roam freely!! You are freed!! "


The Lion took a step here and a step there.

The Lion cut himself with his claws.

" I am a rat, my black face is an abomination "

He never left the cage


End poem


Annotation :


This poem has to do with a lot. The Lion is a symbol for Black Americans. The Lion cutting himself is a metaphor for the Black community's self hatred, how we hate each other's skin color and how we hate ourselves. And The Lion calling himself a rat is an analogy for how Black Americans call each other niggers and even refer to ourselves as niggers.

And the idea of The Lion staying in the cage and not leaving means several things. We still live in America, that's our cage in a way. We were enslaved in America and we didn't leave, and even since freedom, we have fought viciously to ensure that we have our rights, and even though it may seem like we are completely free today, that freedom is only an illusion, we move around a bit, but that's about it. And also its an analogy of how African Americans still call each other niggers and refuse to be great and hold to the hood mentality that enslaves us, and we don’t have to, the cage's door is wide open for us to leave the evil's of the hood mentality and be great, and roar and roam freely and be intelligent and be amazing, and be Kings, but we sit in the cage, or the hood, we hate ourselves, we cut ourselves with our claws, we KILL each other and ourselves and we call ourselves rats or niggers.

 But this all ends today.

I operate under the Power of The Lion of The Tribe Of Judah.

I am Black excellence embodied.

I will succeed

I have left my cage

I am The Roaming and Roaring Lion

I am

You be

We are


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