Blue on luminous white



13/9/16 A lyrical story of two characters

She was blue

on a background

of luminous white.

Translucent skin, opalescent,

you could stare into it and see depths.

She wore blue like it was made for her,

or she was made for it, it was impossible to tell.


He felt blue

but he shined golden,

his light glowed everywhere, on everyone

that is what he could do.

He shone himself out,

like a lantern,

nobody ever thought or tried to look

behind the lens.


Her eyes flashed green, 

funnily enough,

green like dragon eyes,

like the eyes of a witch,

like a queen.

She was imperious, seemingly cold,

she kept her fires well banked deep inside,

just the way she liked it.


His eyes smiled blue,

sad, quick, joking, intelligent,

he was all of these, sometimes all at once.

His eyes could pour love out at will

and they did so, often and truly,

anything to break the ice or win a smile...

and he loved a challenge,

probably too much!


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