Whispers In The Attack



My first piece on the site, I hope you enjoy it. I guess I'll start posting on here as often as I can. =)

Crystallized fibers engulf your signs, antiquity moves to the beat of the drums. Long and stiff necks, bloom like a stock of corn. It drinks the moister filled roots in anticipation for the harvest. The cup runs over, laughter managing to peak out and say good morning. It wasn’t properly soaked, finalized and completely without remorseful whimpers. The ground isn’t without care, it has been prepped and prodded for safe keeping. They believe they will find peace, they believe they will find love. We don’t need to tell them to think twice, it is who they are, it is what they desire. They are hopeful, we prefer to keep it this way. Trials of difficultly only harden them, it makes them better for it.

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