What is it like to be a manager?



What experiences are most similar to managing staff

Every few months I am asked to explain,

What type of experience a person can gain,

To prepare for management and all its career bliss,

What best describes what it’s like?  I offer this:

Swiftly swing your hammer at an idle nail,

If your thumb bears the brunt, try not to wail,

Poke an ornery bear enough so he attacks,

Pour a pitcher of ice down the length of your back,

Stub your toe and yelp, then repeat every hour,

Cut the tip of your tongue, then drink something sour,

Tightly embrace the thorny stem of a rose,

Pluck all of the hairs from inside of your nose,

Spill a hot coffee directly into your lap,

Put on your brand new shoes, then step in dog crap,

Throughout each endeavor, bear it and grin,

Don’t flinch, just absorb each kick in the shin,

When you can do that and still manage to laugh,

You’re prepared for the trials of managing staff.

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