Huge tears pool then overflow.Hot hands curl into balls.Heart pounds, blood pumps.Words are mumbled soft and low. Neck stiffens, begins to ache.Heavy head bows to the floor.Spine bends, eyes burn.Jaw tightens, knows what&rsq...

Huge tears pool then overflow.
Hot hands curl into balls.
Heart pounds, blood pumps.
Words are mumbled soft and low.

Neck stiffens, begins to ache.
Heavy head bows to the floor.
Spine bends, eyes burn.
Jaw tightens, knows what’s at stake.

Then it rises from inside
Like fire on the move.
Pushing back, trying hard.
Rage is building, won’t subside.

Feet begin to pace the floor.
Urge to strike overwhelms.
Fists clench, nails dig.
Can’t control it anymore.

Mind is racing, must let go.
Darting eyes seeking fast.
Window, wall with hidden stud.
Nothing safe. There it is.
Least destruction, let it blow.

Best selection, hard release.
Angry mark left on the wall.
Hand burns, lungs breathe.
Violence leaves, replaced with peace.

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