from a collection of previously published poems called "Poems People Liked (2)" about love and renewal


yellow like honey,

become peculiar sweets

towards the sea

-line where I sit

slighting the grey.


Stars, bubble-topped,

in champagne rise

the firelight of this beaded day.


Blow the blue swallows,

loops of the air,

whose south and southern fragrance

sow the summer day down to the –

say of nowhere newly made somewhere.


Lift all the wheat

the harvester the combine

combining to bind

binding the bound the golden.


Slip all the day

down to the throat

the ear stray

for the sea terns’ splash

or the noise of the stoat.


Graft till the grip

is the tight of crowded lines,

and the seaward trip

whitely stars

as phosphorescence drips

pleasure-presents, those

lips on lips.

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