Into the Fire



mental decay

Falling from grace was such an easy process

Allowing the grains of virtue to slip through my fingers

Unwittingly at first, unobserved

But soon the tracks were laid, firmly attached

My descent was like Lucifer's great downfall

Cast out for what I'd become, a shadow of my former self

The pitter-patter of hope, benevolence and charity

Ghosts of the past, fine particles of dust

Dancing with devils, lost in dark portals

Into the fire

If only you could feel what I feel

The impregnable black fog

Determining my every thought

I wonder ... how can it be?

The metamorphosis within

I have become Mr Hyde

A figure most sinister

Walking down a path of no return

Cornered in silence

Thoughts clouded


Everything seems so senseless

Bent out of shape

How has it come to this?

This ... this execrable state

I have no strength to fight back

A return to my former self

The horrors of mental erosion

I have become another

A soul wretched and destitute

A heart that beats without life

Blood running cold

A vacant shell, robbed of all energy

To understand the plight of a broken mind

You must delve into the shadows

And ingest

The pain

The suffering

The maelstrom of madness

The omnipotent blackness

Only then, you will begin to appreciate

The infernal battle

The colossal struggle

But I am not alone

There are countless others

Suffering in silence

Our cries unheard



We are the unfortunates

My name is Legion

For we are many




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