sonar waves.



I still grin when I see this one... I've a partiality to myths.

 A sweeter swimmer the seas never see.

A mysterious glimmer, some say to be,

a sole sister soul fisher, to put it simply.

A catfish I be, but, simple's not me...


 Pandoras' box is a babies toy crate!

Medusas' locks, just handy fish bait!

Neptune and Nemo have quaked in her wake,

the Kracken, Calypso and Davey still shake...


 The siren of bards, the queen of wet parts,

inspiring our love, lore, legend and arts.

Any fish who has smarts should recheck their charts

and depart when the Mermaids' "Sirenese Serenade" starts.

    ...::: >-=^;>




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