Broken silence



Looking over the fields

Of gold

As I hand make my struggle

Sweat washing over my face


As the pain soaks deeply into my skin

Cuts and blisters

Hard life brothers and sisters

please don't forget me 

Tears run dry 

They might be my only drink tonight

So I save them more 

Than my own life 

Aches are my only relaxation

Massaging my back

As I sleep on the splinters

Wandering if I will see brightness again

Unconscious is my only dream

Daydreaming would get me killed

The beauty of my life was only self harm 

I worked for it

I had no other choice 

No other voice 

Silent vocal chords

All I wanted was a whisper of hope

But I got hit with a whip that broke 

Strangled by rope until I choke 

Spitting all I had into the devils hands 

Lived in devils land 


Babies being stolen 

Used as black bait 

In the middle of the night 

Thrown to the alligators 

Just like a steak 

Nothing but a meal on a plate 

Let's have a debate 

Infact fuck that 

Let's get this straight 

No hate 

Anybody supporting racists acts like this 

I hope you die of something vulgar and get sick quick

Boiled my blood 


The things they did to blacks 

Was not human 

It was unearthly 

They say blacks are dirt 

these people in power

Are dirty

Modern day slavery

They try and convict and convert me

Master: what makes you different

Slave: well sir I am not a Nigger 

I am a real black woman of figure 

Without your insecurities my pride will do just fine 

By the rivers of Babylon there we sat down 

Ye eh we wept as we remembered Zion 

When the wicked carried us away

We came back stronger than ever 

We broke the chains


Poetry Written By Tammy Jeffers Wells 


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