Old school combo



/ poem

Poems written prior to 2016 sitting on my shelf for decades

Can you fix my pain inside 

Show me love that never dies

I want to crawl inside your mind 

Just to see what I can find 

I hate leaving you now

It's a long week to get through 

Another 7 days before I see your face again 

On the train 

Everyone looks the other way when they see me coming 

I am the gum under their shoes 

And the grease which makes their hands sticky

 Pushed under the carpet 

Rolled aside

Easily forgotten 

My insides rotten through 


2nd poem :

Trying again 

Looking for love in your heart 

Fallen apart 

Throwing darts

At a target

At the wall

Stalling for time 

It's not a crime to have a love for life 

But it sure helps if you can be depressed 

Forget about the rest of the universe 

One birth one death

That's all everybody does

Caught by the fuzz

Kicking up a fuss

Just don't have a clue 

Throwing up spew

Being true 

So brand new 

All the young dudes

No need to be crude

Socks and shoes

The fox wearing gloves 

On the loose 

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