Mirror Mirror



I wrote this a little while ago, after watching my wife become the centre of attention at a gathering. I watched from a distance, anonymous in the dark. I saw her in action, those falling under her spell and (most interesting of all) the reaction of a friend, who had thought she ruled the scene.


You’ve taken the crown.

That is why,

You’ve taken her crown.


That’s why she hates you.

She was the queen,

Now you sit on her throne.


Once she ruled unchallenged,

With little effort.

Now you rule instead, with none at all.


Inexperienced. Who’d have guessed,

The young pretender,

Would learn so fast, or so well.


Once she ordered and all obeyed.

Then you smiled,

And her slaves have flocked to you.


So now she hates you,

It is a shame.

All you ever wanted was to worship,



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