Dying And Destroying



I kiss your rosy wrists,their icy touch burns and blisters.Your lungs lie still,quite content with silence,so stuck on stillness.Open eyes, look past me,the whole world,lost in your lens,the whole world,draining as the blood drains from your face,and...

I kiss your rosy wrists,
their icy touch burns and blisters.
Your lungs lie still,
quite content with silence,
so stuck on stillness.
Open eyes, look past me,
the whole world,
lost in your lens,
the whole world,
draining as the blood drains from your face,
and I start to forget the world.
There is no world,
it is slipping,
with no “wet floor” sign.
Each breath without you,
sends another piece of planet stumbling.
Breathe again,
so I can breathe without dying and destroying.

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