Dog Days of Life



stand up for yourself



Living life I find not a challenge but an adventure.

Each day brings something new, whether it is what to eat

as I raid my fridge for the last piece of meat,

that isn't green, fuzzy, staring back at me or growing legs

to walk itself down the stairs to the basement,

into the trash.

Challenges, they say is what makes a person stronger, braver, more interesting.

I am not a complex person, however, I have a complex life.

I have love, laughed, cried, bled, even felt hatred, yes hatred,

but not for life and it's challenges

but for an individual, a moment in time.

A hatred so deep, so ingrained, so strong, that the mere mention of his name, enrages me,

causes me  to clench my fist, and watch the cauldron of my temper boil until it boils over

only to start again as I think of that moment in time.

The moment the tried to control me as if I was nothing, no one, 

just another female that needs to be put in her place.

I yell and scream, boy!! I am not a dog!! I am not a 'so-called,' man's best friend!

I don't and won't obey commands. I won't way my tail or sit upon command.

I bite, I snap. I am rabid with anger, with rage, because of you.

You laugh thinking how me, a mere woman, can do nothing, for you are superior.

Superior, right! Pull your brains out of your pants, turn  your black heart, blacker,

while in my 'so-called' feminine weakness, turn on you like a rabid dog.

I become enraged as you subdue me trying to shut me up by feeding me a feather pillow.

I bite as you, in your stupidity, put your finger I'm my mouth,

thinking this will shut her up.

Yet, I chomp down, hearing the crunch of your bone,

I find satisfaction for overcoming you.

Now who has the power? Never corner a rabid dog, never contain them,

for they come out biting, snarling, eyes shooting flames, ears blowing smoke.

Hear it's roar.

The roar of a savage animal you have taught me to become.

Feel the sharpness of my teeth s your bone snaps like a twig.

Fresh blood I taste while causing you physical pain.

The same physical pain you bestowed upon me.

Remember my sting, my bite, my rage.

Remember how powerless, how fearful you felt.

Now you know how another human being feels when caged, beaten,

treated as nothing, as no one, as unimportant.

The spotlight is on you now as someone to watch, someone to accuse,

someone to warn others.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you for it will become rabid and turn on you.



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