Grime without Grime — party song



I was in town with an amp I borrowed (I don't own an amp), this one guy Raheem spat fire on my mic, and had a crowd really actually enjoying — I love grime music but I don't feel violent lyrics are my truth

I sang over a song that exists called pushing on - since I can not make beats. Ideally I'd have some beats one day which are not someone else's, as with all my songs, I would very much appreciate translations into another language: or some ideas of different ways to sing them


Verse 1 Mc'ing 


You're grimey, 

yeah that's grimey,

nahh that's not me

still  gonna drop heat,

water and limey, — i'm on a pure ting,

not gunner wear bling,

watch how me sing


Chorus- singing


You're steaming, so steaming — I thought that I was dreaming,

But this club is, so heavy — I'll might get just one bevvy,

I'm steaming, so steaming — I thought that I was dreaming ,

But this tune is, so wavey — (mc voice) wine an drop down all'a my ladies


take back your s*** 

with your big lip

its always movin'

me i'm just groving

its time I drop this 

you make glock click,

you roll deep click, 

you from the street click, 

I stay positive, 

I dance to beats chick


voice / talking (so come one why dont you just dance)



Just dance, dance like you can't dance no more, 

take chances and dance, oh oh, 

why is it that nobody don't dance no more, 

tell me what did you come here for (or something like this- I don't remember as I made this bit as I was singing along)





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