A Son's Apology



A chat with a customer who related his experience. While growing up he thought his mom was non caring and unwise. His adult life did not turn out as he thought it would.


A middle aged man at the shop he stopped by
And after a while of chatting
There was a tear in his eye
This is what he had to say
There was a time when I thought my mom
To be selfish and uncaring
Even went as far as to call her a bad mom
But now that all is said and done

My mom is not selfish and uncaring
Nor is my mom bad
For you see
Now that I have had
The chance my life to live
That chance she to me did give
I have come to see
That she
My mom huge struggles had
That did not make her bad

Funds were low
Debts were high
I have had the chance to reach
For the sky
And just before that could come true
I had fallen far and hard
And before I knew where I was
I came to be in the space
My mom had been in all those years
Then came the tears

She knew exactly what this man meant
He was not proud
And with the words of
I am so sorry he showered
His mother
She was a forgiver
And mother and son
Hugged and spoke words of wisdom
Before the day was done

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