A Prisoner of Freedom



This poem is about the skewed perception we all have of the concept of freedom.

I believed I was free,
Then I learned of norms,
Of perceptions about me.

Traditions held me back,
Where my spirits soared,
Turning my soul so black.

Love came with shackles,
An inheritance of beliefs,
Trapped in social tentacles.

They told me I was free,
Those bigoted rulers of yore,
Today I choose to disagree.

Now, censorship leads the way,
Intolerance supersedes love,
Are we truly liberated today?

For freedom is not a choice,
Freedom cannot be selective,
Freedom must have a voice.

Freedom is equality for all,
Freedom means no prejudice,
Freedom knows no protocol.

I am this freedom's prisoner,
A freedom defined by zealots,
Change is the only answer.

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