Full Fledged Peace



A nationCorrupted by politicsPlagued byOutside warfareInhumane actionsAll going towards one specific causeIs that cause peaceIf the answer is "No"Why can't we change that,To a "Yes"?A simple undefined"Yes"To complete the goal many have been working o...

A nation
Corrupted by politics
Plagued by
Outside warfare
Inhumane actions
All going towards one specific cause
Is that cause peace
If the answer is "No"
Why can't we change that,
To a "Yes"?
A simple undefined
To complete the goal many have been working on
Since the dawn of time
The beginning of man
It's coming soon
I can feel it,
Nations will fall
Nations will rise
One nation shall remain until the end of time
And peace
Peace shall remain
Peace is not far
For those who desire peace
Shall have their peace
And we all should desire peace
We all should work towards peace
It will be greater not only for us
But for our children aswell
Peace is unlimitedly
The ultimate goal
Of all of this.

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