My deeply buried axe



13/9/16 When unforeseen forces pull and there is just no resisting them

I whisper into the cavern,

the cavern is me,

it's ok, I can say whatever I like to myself.

Nobody will judge me,

nobody will hear me.


I speak into my head,

it echoes around in there

like a hollow thing,

a pea in a gourd,

can you hear the rattle?


I shout into the night time,

under cover of darkness,

the spear of my voice bounces and echoes off the trees,

becomes diffuse as a shower of confetti, losing all direction,

nobody can tell it came from me.


...and then you were there... heard my voice... actually asked me to speak...

...then you demanded it...

...insisted that I show myself...


You would accept nothing less than everything,

nothing less than my darkest, my lightest,

my most intense and shameful.

You drew it out of me like Arthur drew Excalibur...

...only it was my buried axe in my Terabithia...



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