The Stagehand: Mom



Mom as a stagehand in a grand production of life.

You won’t say it, so I will.

You are the stagehand that has made this show a success,

But you’d never comment on the set,

Never mention your failures or the fruits of your success

You’ve kept the lights on

Kept the curtain open

You kept our feet in the appropriate cues

Whispered our lines across the scenes

Shared your beautiful truth

You kept our heads up

While we were sinking low

You kept us reading our lines

All the words we didn’t know

But you kept yourself at bay

Feeding us answers without cheating the lines

We have grown into men with thoughts of our own

Your cryptic answers surrendered with time

Thank you for keeping this show going

While we take all the bows

We will show you the fruits of your wisdom

This beautiful play, as time allows

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