To Rule



A lyrical examination of the drive to power and the need to follow.

Subordination through common expression

Message by messenger now superseded

Divided in our device-ive depression

The followers of all that which preceded

Our common electronic confession

Prescient warnings as always unheeded

Overt in myriad indiscretion

Irrespective of mitigants pleaded

Enamored by the tools of oppression

Self-service tyranny will not be impeded

Nine tenths of the law is possession

Nine tenths of the laws are unneeded

Trans-humans tethered tight to transgression

To our crimes we all but have conceded

Application of power is aggression

Powerless, who among us is needed

            To rule one must make a fool of man

           The tools from which all our schools began

Where once our feelings realized

Now painful extraction

Where reason once was emphasized

Find it given to reaction

Where once intellect was prized

Value only satisfaction

In a zeitgeist plagiarized

What qualifies as abstraction

Where the craven once despised

We find a sad attraction

To paragons demonized

Who calls the next infraction

Where the base are lionized

Sedated through inaction

Superficial tantalized

Promise of the next transaction

In a culture hypnotized

An ardor for distraction

Our world desensitized

Continues losing traction

         To lead greed must supersede human

         Decreed, we feed upon the bleeding new man

If anyone can do it what’s the point

If nobody can do it who can tell

If it should excite or disappoint

If it should attract or must repel

Is ease the highest measure of our thought

Simplicity the hovel where we dwell

To cower then from creative onslaught

To expire when we should excel

To raise one above the rest

Supplicating when we should rebel

Sad how easily we’re impressed

Following our rulers straight to hell

          To rule one must make a fool of man

          The tools from which all our schools began

          To lead greed must supersede human

          Decreed, we feed upon the bleeding new man


© 2010

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