The noise in my head!



A small poetry that portrays the story of the struggle that each one of us goes through every day!

There are a lot of things that sum up my day,

All through Monday to Friday

There is work and then there is more work

But there is just one thing that does not let me change my way!


Tired of the drama, bored of the melancholies

I sit down for a moment and something inside me gasps and says

You cannot give up just like that

You need to struggle each day

So that you can sway and sing along

The tales of struggles and miracles

The tales of tests and fates

The tales of disappointments and faith

And all the more, the tales of love and happiness that have molded you this way!


There is further more that happens

Ideas and thoughts keep coming my way

As I sit down and think through

I see ideas turning into stories and stories turning into epics in day!

And this creates the noise in my head!

The noise that is unbearable yet pleasant

The noise that kills my sleep but keeps me dreaming and wanting!

The noise that brings hope each night

The noise that makes me work even harder each day!

And I keep falling for this noise more and more every single day!!

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