All That Jazz



13/1/2017 About the music and people interacting

This is our way of playing jazz.


The music comes in like a swarm of bees,

buzzing and bouncing around...


(cue the high-hat)


...battling like enemies,

each element its own entity...


there's that double bass a-chachacha


This is a music which makes harmonies

as each instrument wars with the others

and all the sounds tell their own story

while somehow contributing to the whole. come the sax and trombone...


The wail and moan fill the air.

Almost too sweet to bear.

Grit your teeth and smile.


There. walks a steel guitar...


There he is, standing alone in the half-light...

laying it down,

putting it all out,

plucking those strings,

making them sing.


...the instruments come

scribing their own twisted paths,

walking their own walks,

strutting their stuff

pointing at the one destination...


Battling musical bliss.




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