Poetic Discourse 1 — Astrology Lesson



A series of older poems inspired by William Butler Yeats.

Feeling sickness sweeping over her,

the poet arched over the wastebasket

and threw her soul away.  "What's

the difference between self-pity and self-hate?"

She asks me, laying stretched out

and drawing constellations on the ceiling.


Recognizing Virgo,

I slip away from her misery

in a shroud of cigarette smoke,

spiraling through the darkened universe,

to end up a dense fog around the ceiling light sun.


My body lays like the earth below me. 

This is what it is to be free,

not weighed down by genetics and probability;

to be free of doubt, hesitation, impulse;

to exist and not to live.


And I wonder at the difference.


The poet turns to me,

waiting with eyes like flying saucers,,

as I inhale myself,'

the clay tongue laying heavy in my mouth 

refuses to answer. 




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