Build it as you see it



18/10/16 A depiction of my life as I've made it

I built my life like a wall,

with structure and purpose

and a clear vision of what it was meant

to look like at the end.

The bricks were hard won, yes,

but won they were,

and my life grew more and less as I envisaged,

in the pure genius of my imagination.

There was the baseline education,

the secondary, the tertiary all fitting in neatly,

stacked one on the others.

All done, all good.

Next was the job, a good job,

a caring professional job,

that I hated then loved...

and built my house on.

After a while my house became a home,

with an impossible-to-imagine You in it, then him... then him.

All worthy, all beautiful.

Filling my days, filling my brimming heart.




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