A Victim Never Forgets



the effects of bullying

You never gave me a chance, not a fucking jot

My entire childhood, most of my teenage years

Spent under a cloud of intimidation and ridicule

Day after day, hour after hour, even down to the minutes

Making my life an absolute misery

Verbal harassment

Physical onslaughts

Telling the world lies about me

Lies that they believed

Causing them to laugh at me

Causing them to point at me

Causing them to abhor me 

If you had stopped to think ... just for a moment

The consequences of your actions

The unremitting pain

But you were far too busy having fun

You despicable soul

Heart colder than a corpse's viscera

And for what?

Because I looked different?

Because I was a trifle weird?

Because I wore cheap clothes?

Because my family was poor?

Because I had no friends?

Or was it because of my refusal to fight back?

My timorous nature

My meek, pathetic demeanour

Did my tears bring you joy?

As I sat cowering in a corner

A large crowd baying for more

With you the star of the show

And little ol' me the derisory freak

Oh well ...

I guess these things happen

Time has passed

The years have flown by

We've all moved on

Only ...

I've watched you from afar

From the shadows

Your life is a success

Own business

Large house

Beautiful wife

Three charming children

A cute little dog

The perfect life


The same can't be said for your chosen victim 

I never recovered from your impious games

The scars of my past

Forever imprinted on my mind

How it changed me

Creating a terrible sickness within




Thrown into an awful place

A place where people scream and laugh

A place where people hear disembodied voices

A place where the walls are padded

A place of madness

All because of you

Now that I'm free, considered cured

I'm meant to get on with my life

And become a worthy citizen

But I'm far from healed

I played it exceedingly well

Feigning sanity 

An act worthy of an Oscar

How I've longed for this moment

The scent of freedom

The taste of retribution

For I am no longer timid

For I am no longer weak

And tonight ...

My old friend

I will come knocking at your door

And I will show you how it feels

To be subjected to meaningless brutality

Before I kill you





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