In twilight and in darkness



9/5/16 A group of poems inspired by each other

Running away from the setting sun

our shadows racing away from us.

Faster than fast.

Lighter than souls.

We try to touch each other,

but watch, frozen,

as each slips through

the other's blind fingers







You are in front and

I am behind.

And it was always thus.

And it will always be.

And we cannot meet

the gaze of our equal,

or bear their touch.

Our souls quake

and tremble at the sound

of the thoughts of our opposite.




I cannot see you there,

but I can feel you


from the darkness.

I do not know your name,

but I know you.

I do not know your name,

but I know you know me.

I do not know your name

but I curse you,

I curse you again,

I curse you a third time.

I hurl my vitriol

like scat

into the night,

my vicious tongue

lashing the darkness,

whipping your hide.

Flaying you.

You will not visit my world

and leave unmarked.

You will know shame

and fear and pain

if you cross me

or mine.


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