The Call



A holler from food

Food is calling out to me
It's calling my name
The food in the fridge
The food in the pantry
The food in the garage
Are all whispering, "Paula, Paula, Paula"
Are all calling, "Paula, Paula, Paula"
Are all shouting, "Paula, Paula, Paula"

I try to ignore them
It's as useless as ignoring our kittens
When they're meowing for wet food

I text my girlfriend for help
I wait-and wait
With food jabbering my name

I make phone calls to friends in program
But no one is home
The food is chattering my name noisily

I start to read a book and fall asleep
The phone rings, waking me up
It's a friend in program returning my call

We talk for a while
The food voices quiet down
I hear recovery calling my name

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