Contemporary Poetry, A Review



Contemporary poetry, so fuckingannoys me. Irritating habit ofCutting off a sentence halfway through. How is that so clever? Seemspretentious to me. Clearly having access to somespecial format weplebs are ignorant of. Appearingas randomly assembled s...

Contemporary poetry, so fucking
annoys me. Irritating habit of
Cutting off a sentence half
way through. How is that so clever? Seems
pretentious to me.

Clearly having access to some
special format we
plebs are ignorant of. Appearing
as randomly assembled sentences,
or lazy way to make a rhyme. Songwriters

would be unimpressed. Even, dammit,
trailing the sentence into the next verse. What the
hell? Better yet, let's dis
sect the words. We are so clever. Prob
ably got some special name for

it. I think I've fallen
out with poetry


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