The Misanthropist



black sheep

Look at them all, abhorrent creatures

Vanity vultures for the sake of their features

Herd conformists steered like dumb sheep

Following trends, reputations to keep

The need to be noticed is the primary goal

False egos and lies to make them feel whole

They walk with bravado, a quest to be seen

Vying for attention, pristine and preen

Why do they opt for a life so unjust?

Copying people they can't love and trust

No minds of their own, no decisions they make

Aping their idols, so-called celebrities, inept and fake

Soulless beings, brains tainted and frayed

Skewered masses, effortlessly swayed

If they stopped for a moment, a sprinkling of thought

They'd see a different world, not one that was bought

Behind their glass auras, a mountain of fear

Dread of being dissimilar, a finger-pointing smear

Acceptance and false friends, striving to fit in

Popularity contests that no one can win

I am an outsider, seen as a tad weird

Calling me names, constantly jeered

My refusal to fit in, to follow the flock 

Rejecting the path, they endlessly walk

I think for myself, not the will of the horde

For that I'm deemed odd, derision poured

I am a black sheep, the one they berate

For them I have no love, only burning hate



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