Ode To River Indus



It is an ode written to The River Indus which is the source of survival for the Indus Valley of Pakistan

O, dear Indus, the witness of millenniums'
History, traditions and culture
You feed us with your sweet water
And in your lap you us nurture

You might be a mighty channel
Of flowing water for the world
On your course with water southward
Moving, marching, whirled

But of course for our nation
No doubt You are, but the life
which quenches our thirst, and

Grows for us grain in rife
You, dear Indus, like our mother
And of course our culture's cradle
You feed us with all your love
With your sweet water by a ladle

You, in the length and breath
Of our dear motherland
Make our life so lofty, 
And make our living grand

The originator of the culture
Of the ancient Indus Valley
Begin for us form Monserver
And keep on your untiring sally

Through mountains and forests
And over the vast plains
And stretch across the valley
Through your countless veins

That infuse life in us all
And teach us not to give up
Through your untiring efforts
We learn how to live up

You witness of valiant accounts
Of gallant sons and daughters
Tell us to continue and carry on
With your sally of waving waters

With your water pure you nourish
Not only our bodies but our souls
And make us strong, determined
To get whatever we set our goals

Yes you are, but our beingness
Land without you for us sear! 
You are great and strong and, 
For you we live, you for us, dear! 

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