Diverse Dynamic Diva



This is a poem I wrote in 2006 in memory Lebo Mathosa. I didn't cry the normal way, I decided to cry using ink on a piece of paper. I still wonder what she would be doing now.

Rising star shaking up the stage

Young black woman standing her ground

Speaking her mind

Crossing barriers

Stepping on toes

Opening minds

Evoking criticism

Chewing it up

Spitting it out

Using what's relevant

Discarding what's not

One either had to love her or hate her

But no one could simply ignore her

She was a force to be reckoned with

Imbokodo yangempela

Sometimes sweet

Sometimes not

She was real

Never candy-coated, just bare

Her music and sexy dance moves took our spirits to new heights

Like the true star that she was, by morning time she was gone

But she will be sorely missed because unlike the stars in the sky

She will no longer grace us with her bright presence 

If there is life after death, keep it real wherever you are

Rest in peace, live on in music

Diverse dynamic diva Lebo Mathosa


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