You & Me!!!



Yes it is dangerous,To show someoneYour heart and soulThe trapped sunlightAnd pieces of nightLike solid airOr liquid glassTo show the soft petals,And hard brittle surfacesThe warm cornersAnd cold IciclesAnd yet, here it is,Put in words,For safe isn...

Yes it is dangerous,
To show someone
Your heart and soul
The trapped sunlight
And pieces of night
Like solid air
Or liquid glass
To show the soft petals,
And hard brittle surfaces
The warm corners
And cold Icicles
And yet, here it is,
Put in words,
For safe isn’t for me,
I like to play with fire.
But the question remains
Would you do the same?
I won’t be your shield,
I’ll be your Home,
To come back and rest
To relish the battles,
To live the serenity
To be…
Just You & Me.

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